The Practical Brand e-Course

The Practical Brand e-Course


This course covers everything you need to get started with brand strategy and visual identity. It includes video lessons and worksheets to help you establish your brand.

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Here’s a breakdown of everything that’s covered in the course:

Unit One: Your Brand Feeling

➊ Core Values (includes video + worksheet)

➋ Dream Customers (includes video + worksheet)

➌ Position Statement (includes video + worksheet)

Unit Two: Your Brand Vibe

➍ Choosing Colors (includes video + worksheet)

➎ Fonts (includes video + worksheet)

➏ Imagery (includes video )

➐ Logo (includes video )

One time investment: $127

Who is this course for?

The Practical Brand is for creative entrepreneurs looking to grow their side hustle into an established brand. Here are some of the scenarios that might apply to you:

✔ You want your side hustle to be taken seriously and not thought of as a "hobby"

✔ Your business is new and you don't have the money to invest in 1:1 branding services

✔ You are able to create your own logo but you need the foundation that comes with a solid brand strategy. 

✔ Your brand is lackluster and not growing

✔ You feel like you are attracting all the wrong types of clients

✔ Your brand feels scattered and unorganized