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Branding, Website and Graphic Design for Creative Entrepreneurs in Santa Barbara and Worldwide

Ready to organize your brand and take your business from side hustle to full time? 


Hey there, Creative. Ready to step up your branding game?

This course covers everything you need to get started with brand strategy and visual identity. It includes video lessons and worksheets to help you establish your brand.


Here’s a breakdown of everything that’s covered in the course:

Unit One: Your Brand Feeling

➊ Core Values (includes video + worksheet)

➋ Dream Customers (includes video + worksheet)

➌ Position Statement (includes video + worksheet)

Unit Two: Your Brand Vibe

➍ Choosing Colors (includes video + worksheet)

➎ Fonts (includes video + worksheet)

➏ Imagery (includes video )

➐ Logo (includes video )

One time investment: $127

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Hey, I’m Hayley

I'm a brand and website designer. I help creatives and small business owners like you get organized, create a timeless brand and launch their vision online.

I’ve created this course for creative that are just starting out or want to DIY their brand identity.


Who is this course for?

The Practical Brand is for creative entrepreneurs looking to grow their side hustle into an established brand. Here are some of the scenarios that might apply to you:

✔ You want your side hustle to be taken seriously and not thought of as a "hobby"

✔ Your business is new and you don't have the money to invest in 1:1 branding services

✔ You are able to create your own logo but you need the foundation that comes with a solid brand strategy. 

✔ Your brand is lackluster and not growing

✔ You feel like you are attracting all the wrong types of clients

✔ Your brand feels scattered and unorganized 

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“I LOVE this course- it’s straightforward and gets to the point. It’s simple and accomplishes the goal of creating a detailed and focused brand with ease. Something that feels really overwhelming and scary on my own, you have made accessible.”

-Maliya M, River Blue Birth


“I loved the course and found it helpful to start thinking about my brand. Especially how it explains color palettes for brand colors really helps visual people like me. It’s really is easy to follow and the worksheets are super helpful, because it makes you responsible to sit down and do the work.” 

— Faith M. - Personal Trainer

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Access the Practical Brand Course Now


How Does It work? 

DIY branding e-course


Follow the links to check out and register for your Practical Brand e-course. Registering today gives you lifetime access to the course, and any future updates.

DIY brand course

Download Files

Once you register for the course, you’ll receive an email with a PDF. Inside the PDF will be instructions on how to access your e-book and video lessons.

Go at your own pace

The Practical Brand e-course is designed to be simple and easy to use. I know you have a busy life and sometimes all you have is 30 minutes. Each lesson is designed to be simple and to the point so that you can go at your own pace to complete the course.

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Once you complete the course it’s time to show your brand off to the world! Whether you hire a designer or DIY your logo, having a solid brand foundation will give you the tools needed to build a successful brand.


Frequently Asked Questions 

+ How do I watch the videos?

Once you download the course, you’ll be given access to the online videos. You’ll need to be connected to the internet view them.

+ What software do I need?

No additional software is needed! I give you some tips and suggestions for free software and programs to use once it comes time to DIY your logo.

+ I'm not a designer - is this for me?

Yes! This course is designed for anyone in a creative field. Think artists, photographers, event planners, virtual assistants, personal trainers, coaches, wellness professional etc.

+ Are there any extra costs?

There are no extra costs. The one time investment gets you lifetime access to the e-book and videos as well as access to any future updates.

+ What will I end up with after the course?

After you complete the course you will have a solid understanding of your brand values, position in the market and your dream customer. You’ll also have an idea of what colors you want in your logo, the fonts and types of images you should be sharing on social media.

+ Can I share the course with my friends?

This course is designed for you to use only. While sharing is caring I ask that you only access the course for personal use and do not share access with others.

+ Do you offer refunds?

Because you are given full access to the course as soon as you purchase, there are no refunds.

Access the Practical Brand Course Now