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What are Brand Guidelines?

Every organization or product creates an impression in the mind of the audiences it interacts with. This impression is your brand. What do your clients say about you? How do they describe your service? By designing the uniformity in the look and feel of your brand’s communications, you encourage alignment of your audience’s perspectives with your own mission, vision, values, and perspectives. In other words, your brand helps your audience understand you.

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Why You Need Brand Photos

Just like a logo and colors are unique to your brand, images also play an important role. Brand photos are images that you have commissioned or take yourself to represent your product, services or overall brand. They can be used on your website, in social media, blog posts and in other marketing materials. Stock images are great in a pinch but your unique images will set you apart from the crowd, here are a few reasons why.

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How To Ask For A Testimonial

Did you know that testimonials are one of the most important things to include on your website? They can easily be forgotten but some studies suggest that up to 70% of people trust a brand more after reading a positive review. Testimonials build credibility and customers buy from brands they trust. 

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2016 Year In Review

I wanted to say a great big THANK YOU for letting me into your inbox this year. I have seen plenty of ups and downs for my business, there have been slow months, clients that seemed to fall off the face of the earth and typos that still give me nightmares, but there have also been lots of high points. I have managed to grow a business that supports me full time, I’ve worked with some truly exceptional creative entrepreneurs and those highs make the hard work worth it. 

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The Art of Saying No: A Step-By-Step Guide to Passing on Projects While Building Your Brand


You know that feeling, right? An opportunity gleams in plain sight, one that promises a little extra income, a new client relationship, or a sleek new project to add to your portfolio.


But, something just


It might be the client’s pushy style of communicating, unfair pricing, or a subject matter that conflicts with your personal or professional values.

Whatever your intuition is telling you, saying “no” doesn’t have to mean shutting doors and burning bridges.

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