Why I Love Squarespace for Creative Entrepreneurs

I recently made the decision to stop watering down my web design expertise and build websites for my clients only on Squarespace. I hesitated for a while to do this, I feared that I would turn business down but soon realized, honing in on my Squarespace expertise only makes me more skilled and desirable as a web designer. I believe Squarespace is the best platform for creative entrepreneurs for a few reasons…

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All In One

Squarespace is your website host, building platform, has your blog, metrics analyzer, store front and you can even get your domain through them too. Having all of your online elements in one place saves soooo much time when it comes time to make simple edits to things like billing or contact information, linking your blog to your website and so on. It even integrates with tons of other third party apps that you might use for your online business like booking apps, membership sites, email marketing, social media the list goes on!

“I love SS because of how easy it is to work with, the modern design, and ability to automatically share on various social media platforms as soon I hit publish.”

Jenny Karlsson, Financials for Creatives

Easy to Use

Let’s be honest, you might be tech savvy but you’re not a web designer, nor do you want to be! Squarepsace’s drag and drop builder makes it super easy to make simple edits to your site without having to hire a developer. You can pop in, change a price or add a sales page and be live within a few minutes.

Beautiful Framework

Squarespace gives you beautiful templates and framework to start with so that if you are DIYing it and not hiring a designer to customize your site you still get a professional looking site that looks legit and makes people want to hire you.

“ I love how the templates really let the content/photos shine, and it's equally user-friendly for my customers and clients to navigate as it is for me to update.” Hailey F, Habitation Coabitation Co


The ability to have your website and store front combined makes things so much easier. With Squarespace you can create an elegant Ecommerce site to sell your product or services, manage your inventory and make simple edits all in one platform.

“I love it! I use it for my online shop/blog. I am really liking the Commerce function. It makes everything so seamless and easy. Plus the themes are bomb and easy for me to tweak. I have my basic analytics, but I can also see my orders and mark them as shipped. I can connect with shipstation which is amazing in itself.” - Shenaye Suggs, Selahbe


If your interested in seeing what Squarespace can do for your business contact me and let’s chat about it!