What to Include on Your Services Page


If you’re struggling to attract dream clients it could be that your services page is lacking some key elements. You might even be turning away dream clients if your services page is missing crucial information!


If you’re wondering what you should include on your services page, I’ve broken it down for you. Here’s a services page framework you can follow when you’re optimizing your site. Double check that your work with me page includes these elements:

Your Offer

This one’s a little obvious, but you want to make the offer crystal clear on your site. If people are confused, they won’t take action. Outline exactly what’s included when they buy.

Who It’s For

In this section, describe your dream clients. Spell out who you work with and who will benefit the most from this product or service. Let them know who’s a good fit and who you can help.

Why They Need It

Talk about the benefits they’ll get from working with you. What problems can this service solve for them? What will their life look like after working with you? Paint a picture of how this offer can truly improve their life or business.

The Experience

Share what working with you looks like in this section. What’s the process like? Outline the experience from start to end. Explain the timeline they can expect when they hire you.

Frequently Asked Questions

Answer common questions that always come up to help people understand the offer. You can also use this section to outline your policies. Cover things like payment plans, cancellations, and refunds so potential clients understand how you work.

Call to Action Button

Give people a way to connect or buy directly from the services page. Make it easy for them to get in touch to find out more.

The Investment

Include the cost of your packages or services. Be upfront with people. When you don’t include any indication of your pricing people may assume you’re too expensive. Don’t lose a perfect fit client because they think you’re out of their price range!

If your packages are custom or your rate varies, at least include a starting rate on your site. It’ll help you weed out people who can’t afford you so you don’t waste time going back and forth with poor fits.


Here’s your chance to highlight the results you’ve gotten for other clients. What do past clients say about working with you? Showcase your best work here. It builds a lot of credibility when you have other people singing your praises.