What to include on the home page of your website


Here’s a crazy stat for you:

According to a recent study, humans have a shorter attention span than goldfish.

Goldfish can focus for 9 seconds, but most humans only have an 8 second attention span.

There’s too many things demanding our attention these days. Everyone is multitasking, which makes focusing a huge challenge.

So how do you get anyone to stay on your site when you only have a VERY short window of time to capture someone’s attention before they wander back to Facebook or hop into their inbox?

What To Include on the Home Page of Your Website

It’s a tall order! But with smart branding and design choices, you can catch their attention and keep it.

Your home page needs to be dialed in so visitors can quickly discern if your website is for them and decide to stay awhile. (Or even better, opt into your list.)

Your home page needs to share who you are, what you do, and who you do it for. This needs to be above the fold so it’s the first thing people see when they land on your site.

You also need your visual branding to be consistent with this message. If your headline says you do design for sophisticated clients but your branding colors and fonts look too whimsical, those dream clients clients are going to bounce.  

Your brand elements need to communicate a consistent feeling. Every organization or product creates an impression in the mind of the audiences it interacts with. This impression is your brand.

Is your website making the right impression? By designing the uniformity in the look and feel of your brand’s marketing, you encourage alignment of your audience’s perspectives with your own mission, vision, values, and perspectives. In other words, your brand helps your audience understand you.

The branding elements on your website — your logo, your color palette, your font choices, your photos — all work together to create a lasting impression on your audience.

When both your messaging and your branding are in harmony, those dream clients won’t want to leave your site when they find it.

Your brand is so important. It signals subtle cues that the mind picks up on quickly. With super short attention spans, you need to make sure the essence of your business is clear to anyone who visits your site.

Because branding is such a key element to design, I always start there with clients. I don’t do any design until I understand the clientele and create the visuals that resonate. Once the branding is on point, we pair those brand elements with website design tailored to your market and your goals.

The result? More people falling in love with you at first sight. And fewer perfect clients wandering away when they land on a confused mash up of DIY branding and design.

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What to include on the home page of your website