Three Feathers Design Client Gift Guide

I like to think of myself as my client's biggest fan. After all what kind of brand strategist would I be if I couldn't stand behind the brands I help grow? With this post I want to introduce you to a handful of my favorite brands (and clients) that make the PERFECT holiday gifts. 


Santa Barbara Soaps

This is the great stocking stuffer! "Each sea salt soap bar is handcrafted with natural, nourishing ingredients, like refreshing Pacific sea salt and creamy coconut milk. Best of all, their soap comes in a delicious variety of scents and nearly naked packaging – no plastic required".  You can check them out online or pick up a bar at Plum Goods in Santa Barbara, CA.

Take Kara Yourself Yoga

Take Kara Yourself Yoga is a Santa Barbara based yoga practice owned by Kara Rosenthal. She teaches people how to heal themselves through Yoga and Thai Massage. Kara's private sessions are so rejuvenating and relaxing they make a great gift for any stressed out mom, sister, friend or grandmother looking to heal herself with yoga or Thai massage. Book your appointment here.


Oddi Love

Oddi Love is a uniquely hand-crafted California lifestyle brand that makes gorgeous hats with vintage fabrics for adults and kids. You can check them out here and keep an eye out for Pop-Up shops in the Santa Barbara area. 

Blue Planet Eyeware

Blue Planet is a eyewear company that donates a pair of glasses to someone in need for every pair purchased. Look good while, doing good!  I especially love the bamboo temples on some of their designs. Can you say stocking stuffer? Their corporate headquarters is in Carpinteria, CA but their glasses are available nationwide and online here.

Mysterious Rack

The Mysterious rack in a vintage clothing and hat shop in Louisville, KY. Their hats "are made by hand using traditional equipment that is over 50 (some over 100) years old. The highest quality rabbit and beaver felts are used, as well as hand woven Panama straw bodies from Ecuador. Everything is blocked by hand using wooden forms, very little is done with a machine.

What makes a hat from The Rack such a great gift is it will last a life time, so if you're going for quality over quantity this year, shop here.


iSurf School

iSurf is a woman owned surf school dedicated to giving women the knowledge and confidence to get into the ocean and experience the unforgettable feeling of riding waves. I can speak from experience that their annual membership is AMAZING! If you know any women in your life that are looking to take up surfing but need a little support to get started. Check out their annual memberships here. 

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