The mistake that can tank your new brand


Nothing makes me crazier than seeing a client take their beautiful new branding and not use it.

Sure, they have an updated website with a gorgeous logo, coordinated typography, and styled imagery. They leave with all the elements they need for a consistent brand.


But even though they have this beautiful branding collateral, they don’t know how to incorporate it into their marketing.

I see them using stock Facebook posts from Canva or sharing a free download that looks like it could be from a completely different business.

They have all the pieces, but they aren’t always putting them together.

Consistency builds trust in your brand. When a potential client sees you looking consistent across all platforms, you don’t look like a newbie who just set up shop. You look like a pro who knows exactly what you’re doing.

That’s why it’s so important to stay consistent with your brand everywhere.

After seeing one too many clients fail to stay consistent with their branding, I made a change in my process to make it easier for them.

Now I give clients a style guidelines booklet when we wrap a project. It includes all the info they need to keep their brand visuals consistent. You’ll have all your brand collateral in one place with notes on how to use it going forward.

If you’re making Pinterest images yourself, you’ll know what colors and fonts to use. You’ll know what types of photos fit your brand’s aesthetic. You won’t have to guess.

You can also feel confident outsourcing design work to your virtual assistant. With clear brand style guides, your content will look consistent across all platforms. You’ll look like a pro too.

If you’re not sure where you’d need to use your logo and branding collateral, check out this Building Your Visual Brand Checklist. It goes over many different touch points you have with potential customers to present a consistent brand.

Maybe your branding’s not consistent because it’s in need of an update. If that’s you, let’s fix it! Join Join The Practical Brand: A DIY Branding e-course for Creative Entrepreneurs today to create consistent branding you’ll love to share.

You’ll have everything you need to create a cohesive brand that attracts your ideal clients. Plus, you’ll walk away with a plan to use it and get the most out of your new visuals.