The Many Uses of Social Media

The Many Uses of Social Media | Three Feathers Design |

The ever-evolving world of internet marketing, social media, and all the terminology that comes between may feel very daunting at first. However, you do not have to be a social media guru to create a simple and effective channel to reach out to your clients.

Chances are, your clients are already users of some of the most popular social media sites, such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or Pinterest. By creating a profile on one or a few of these networks that fit your company best, you will have a captive audience in just a few clicks.

Here are some practical reasons why you should use social media:

  1. Casually keep clients updated without spamming their e-mail.
    Brief status updates or posting images of flyers will allow followers to stay informed. If you market by e-mail, there is a chance that clients will use spam filters or delete your communications without reading them. If clients have already “liked” your page, they are choosing to follow your profile, and are therefore more engaged.

  2. Plant reminders about services or special offers.
    With a touch of a button, you can blast your followers with updates, discounts, advertisement videos, etc.

  3. Engage in your local community by participating in or sponsoring events, contests, etc.
    You can use your social media profile to host your own virtual contests and events, or participate in those of others! (Example: Host an instagram photo contest where clients post photos of themselves while using your products.

  4. Create another channel for brand management.
    By carefully selecting your ‘cover photo’ and ‘profile picture’ on sites like Facebook, you have just found an additional way to promote your visual brand. Especially holding true for creative-typecompanies, you can use Instagram or Pinterest to post visually-appealing images that help promote your brand. A great example is the apparel and lifestyle company, Anthropologie. They are very active on Pinterest by posting photos of not only their products, but images that promote the lifestyle and “vibe” they are trying to appeal to their clients.

  5. Allows clients to do marketing for you!
    When a client “likes” or “follows” your profile, most likely, all their friends will see in their feeds that they have done so. Clients are also able to share your profile and posts with their friends, or post their own testimonials about your company, either on their own profile or on yours. Your exposure grows exponentially!

  6. It’s cost-effective.
    The amazing thing about social media is that it’s free! Some upgrades or built-in tools may have a very inexpensive price (such as marketing tools on Facebook). In this day and age, many small business do not have the resources to pay for advertisements that appear on television. Why not create your own advertisements to display on your social media pages!

Here are some social media best practices:

  1. Commit to posting regularly or don’t do it at all.
    Whether it be twice a day or once a week, the internet age has fostered a generation of clients who expect instant gratification. Be prepared to post regularly so that your clients know that you are professional, dependable, and in-the-know. If you don’t post regularly, you will be viewed as incompetent, technologically inept, or business has slowed.

  2. Stick to your visual brand and use consistent messaging.
    It is vital that a company creates a visual brand and sticks to it, so that clients feel assured of what they are consuming. See our blog post on visual brand identity here. Whether it be the profile picture (usually best to use your company logo), cover photo, design of images posted, or language used, it is of utmost importance that you take care to exude the type of look and feel that you want to convey to your clients. Most importantly, stay consistent so as not to confuse them of what your brand or product is.

  3. Designate one person to coordinate your social media.
    For the sake of consistency in messaging and your brand as mentioned above, it is your best bet to designate a social media specialist, if resources allow. The specialist would ensure that you send out consistent messaging, and they can also keep an eye on the overall feel of your social media appearance. In addition, they can be delegated to stay on top of trending social media outlets and terminology so that your company can stay updated, as well as make proper use of them.

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This post was authored by Maya Reynolds

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