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Why I Love Squarespace for Creative Entrepreneurs

I recently made the decision to stop watering down my web design expertise and build websites for my clients only on Squarespace. I hesitated for a while to do this because I feared I would turn business down but soon realized, honing in on my Squarespace expertise only makes me more skilled and desirable as a web designer. I believe Squarespace is the best platform for creative entrepreneurs for a few reasons…  

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Where to Start When Building Your Own Website

Not all start-up companies have the budget to hire a web designer right away, I get that, that is why I want to give you a few tips to create your own website for your business. Building your own website doesn't have to be a total headache, if you want to create a simple website or straight forward eCommerce site using a Content Management System (CMS) is the best way to do it.

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