Starting Your Own Business

Starting Your Own Business | Three Feathers Design |

Real talk, I was scared to start my own business. My dad is an entrepreneur and I knew the benefits of working for yourself.  I have very vivid memories of him on the phone, making a sale and coming out to high five us all to celebrate. He was also able to create is own schedule, be his own boss and not have to answer to ‘the man’. That didn’t make taking the plunge and actually starting my own business and less scary!

I am a planner, always have been. I’m always thinking two steps ahead which is why jumping two feet in to the unknown scared the shit out of me. When I found Women's Economic Ventures I was relieved. Finally a program that could help me create a step-by-step business plan for launching my new business idea.

WEV helped me create an outline for the important pieces of my business, it was 30 pages long! While I value everything about that course, I think it can also be broken down into bite size pieces, something a little easier to chew for creatives that are just starting out. That’s why I have put together 6 key areas to focus on when starting your online business. It covers:

1)    Your Service or product offering

2)    Dream clients

3)    Process

4)    Branding

5)    Website

6)    Launch

Like I said, it’s an outline. You’ll have to do the work after you fill it out, I can’t hold your hand through starting your own business but I hope I can make taking the leap a little less scary!

Download the business plan outline for creatives below.