Should You Rebrand?

Should You Rebrand? | Three Feathers Design |

Has business slowed down or you are feeling bored of your brand’s look? It can be tempting to want to rebrand and give your business a makeover when you are feeling like this. Even though change is good and often inevitable, it isn’t always necessary. When is a good time to rebrand? Well, let’s start when it's not a good time.

Reasons you should NOT rebrand

You’re “bored” with your current look
Everyone on Instagram in your industry seems to be way cooler than you and you get major FOMO when you see their branding. There’s no need to rebrand if you are simply bored with your look or have shiny object syndrome. If business is good and you are attracting the right type of customers resist the urge rebrand.

You want to appear more trendy and current
Speaking of Instagram and FOMO there are lots of trends floating around the internet, just because they are trendy now doesn’t mean they will be cool six months from now. You want a timeless brand that will hold up against trends and always stay relevant to your clients.

Your uncle’s neighbor doesn’t ‘like’ your logo
Unless your uncle’s neighbor is your target audience, his opinion shouldn’t hold much weight. For example, you are a personal trainer that targets young women to get healthy and stay in shape, it should only matter what the neighbor thinks if they are your target audience.

That all being said there are some signs or situations when it is a good time to change things up.

Reasons TO Rebrand

You've changed your business name
Let's say you're are a wedding invitation designer “Mary Jo Wedding Designs” but now you want to focus on designing websites and you plan on hiring an employee so you are changing your name to “Mary Jo Web Design Collective”. Your rebrand should be targeting those that need websites vs those that need wedding invitations.

You aren't attracting the right type of clients/customers
If you are attracting all the wrong kind of clients or customers, the kind of people that complain about your products being too expense because they don’t understand the value or if they just expect you to be their assistant when you want people to see you as an expert, it might be a good idea to rebrand.

You've changed your offerings/products
For example, you’re a photographer that takes family and newborn portraits but now you want to focus on more commercial and fashion projects it would be a good idea to think about rebranding to target those new dream clients. (See an example of a photographer I recently gave a shiny new rebrand to here)

So is it time for you to rebrand? Feel free to check out my brand packages and see if they are a good fit for you and please feel free to get in touch!