Inside My Rebrand

Take a look inside my rebrand! I walk you through the process of design and more!

My brand has evolved immensely since I started my business 4 years ago. I was only a couple of years out of school and still finding myself as a designer when I started Three Feathers Design. My business was born out of a desired to spend more time at home with my kid. I loved working and learning new things at my ‘big girl job’ but I missed having creative freedom and sitting in front of computer 8 hours a day was killing me.

A glimpse into how I ideate in my design process, click to enlarge.

I decided to take a class that helped me create a business plan and set myself up to start freelancing on the side. It was fun and the challenge was exhilarating. I loved problem solving, meeting my own deadlines and getting to spend more time at home with my son. After a year and a half of side-hustling I had built myself a solid little business and when I left my day job for maternity leave with my second child I decided to take my side hustle full time.

Talk about exhilaration! That was simultaneously the most exciting and scariest thing I have ever done. Saying goodbye to steady income and setting off on my own full time business adventure with a family to provide for was terrifying! But with hard work and a few late nights, I never looked back.

Even though I was working full time for myself, my brand still felt scattered and lacked focus. In the beginning of my business I took on any and all work that came my way, by doing that I was able to understand the dream clients that I wanted (and didn’t want) to be working with. I narrowed in, began solely working with creative entrepreneurs and offered only brand and web design services.

But my brand was stuck in 2014. It no longer reflected who I was as a designer and didn’t speak to the dream clients I wanted to be working with, I made the decision to rebrand.

(Undertaking a rebrand for your business is no small feat and I don’t recommend it if you’re simply bored of your current look. (Read: Should You Rebrand?).

With the design of my new brand I focused on being very intentional with every step. I wanted my visual brand to reflect me as a designer as well as attract the clients I want to work with. I chose ocean blues and cloudy grays to reflect my love of nature and the ocean. While ‘feathers’ is part of my business name I didn’t feel it necessary include three so I went with a single illustrated feather. Balanced by a classic serif font (Playfair Display) to create a brand that is modern and clean with a hint of femininity.

My new website says exactly what I do and who I help in the first line of copy. I streamlined my services even further and will be launching an e-course soon. Overall my rebrand is a more accurate reflection of me and where I am in my business today, as well as a reflection of the clients I want to be working with.

What about you? Time for a new brand that reflects your business and what you offer? Contact me and let’s set up a time to talk.

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