How to use branding to attract dream clients


In my last post, I shared all the pieces that go into creating a brand. It’s so much more than your logo. It’s your values, uniqueness, and position all wrapped up in a cohesive visual package that clicks with your ideal audience.

But when you’re trying to DIY your branding, all these definitions can seem really abstract. You might be wondering what this actually looks like in practice.

The good news is it’s easy to see branding examples in real life. All you have to do is look at any major brand to see these elements in action.


Let’s take a look at an example to see what I mean. I’m a beach girl at heart, so one of my favorites brands ever is Billabong.

Just saying their name probably has you thinking of waves, sand, and surfing.

That’s because they’ve strategically crafted everything they share to align with their dream customers. Their website, their copy, and their social media posts all have this easy-going surf vibe.

Scrolling through their Instagram feed makes you want to sip a coconut drink under a palm tree in a cute bathing suit.


But it’s not just their wave logo. It’s everything from their visuals, style, and copy. It all stays true to their brand voice and comes together to create the feeling that makes you want to hang out on the beach.

Even if you’re not trying to attract surfers and beach babes, you want your brand to create an experience like this for your audience.

When you think about your current branding, does it evoke a feeling in your ideal customers? Does your brand communicate your values and speak to your dream customers? Or is it a confusing mismatch of branding elements that leave people feeling nothing?

That feeling is what makes people understand you’re the right choice. It attracts the people who need you the most. It turns casual consumers into lifelong customers and advocates who tell everyone about you.

If you’re not sure what feeling your brand is creating, it may be time to evolve. Take the next step in your branding journey with The Practical Brand: A DIY Branding e-Course for Creative Entrepreneurs. I’ll show you how to blend all the elements into a brand identity that is organized, consistent, and attracts the right people who want to buy from you!

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