How to Schedule Your Week

How to Schedule Your Week | Three Feathers Design |

After my last blog post, I had some questions about how I manage to fit all of my marketing tasks in while still working on client projects. They answer is pretty simple, I schedule my time, down to the half hour.

I’m a mom of two busy kids, I also like to take time to exercise and have down time, there is just no way that I can pull off 12 hours days, and why would I want to?

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Half of my time is spent working on my business, the other half working on client projects. I put most of my marketing efforts nowadays into Instagram, Pinterest and my blog. Any new blog posts are sent straight to my email list so that I am not having to come up with new content there. I also recently hired an assistant who helps me with my Pinterest content, scheduling blog posts, emails and a little with my client work. Her work efforts total 12 hours per month.

I also take 90-120 mins each morning to work on my own business before moving onto any client work. Each morning is a different aspect of my business that needs to be done: Instagram content, administrative tasks, new e-course offering, redesigning my website etc. You can see in my schedule below, I have it mapped out by the hour. This helps me stay on task while still being able to fit in all the work I need to be doing.

My Schedule

I have been using this method for the past few months and have seen my productivity sky rocket. Do I still feel like I don't have enough time in the day? Yes. But that comes with the territory of owning a business, there is always a task to be done and the work never ends. By making room in my schedule for my own business, I can at least chip away at the tasks each week.

Because I believe in sharing my tips and tricks for a successful business, I created a printable schedule for you to download and use at home. Below are somethings to keep in mind when creating your schedule.

  • Start by listing all of the tasks that you need to complete in your business, including client work. (For me it is things like administrative tasks, scheduling content, writing blog posts etc.)

  • Next to each task, estimate the amount of time it takes you complete each one.

  • Start to divide each task into a days of the week. If you know that your blog post for the week will take a few hours, don’t add another big task on to that day. Also, be kind to your self, don’t work more than eight hours a day. If you have more than eight hours of work to do in a day it might be time to raise your prices.

  • Make sure to schedule your breaks

  • Live by the schedule! It won’t work unless you stick with it so make sure to stick to your schedule

  • Make adjustments as needed. If you find a task is consistently taking you way longer than you thought or you don’t need as much time for emails adjust as needed.

Good luck, feel free to comment with any questions!