How to Grow Your Email List

How to Grow Your Email List Strategies | Three Feathers Design |

In one of my last post I talked about the importance of having a an email list. But you have to grow your list before you can start selling to it. Here are some of the strategies that I use to grow my email list.

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Content upgrade

A content upgrade is a free gift or piece of content to offer people if they sign up for your email list. If you’re a wedding planner you could offer a wedding day checklist, or a interior designer could offer a guide to laying out a living room or picking paint colors. If you sell products you can offer free shipping if someone signs up for your list or 10% off thier first order.

A good way to utilize the content you already have is find your blog posts that have the highest traffic and create content upgrades for those.

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Pinterest is a great tool for generating traffic to your website. Melyssa Griffin has a great course called Pinfinite Growth all about using Pinterest to grow your email list. Since taking her course I was able increase the amount of traffic to my website by 141% and Pinterest is now my second highest referral source. This increase in traffic matters because once people are on my site they have an opportunity to sign up for my email list.

Placement and Pop-up

In order to grow your email list, viewers need to have access to sign up forms!! Place your sign up ‘above the fold’ in your website, in the footer of your site and you can even use a pop form to give people opportunities also. (If you do use a pop-up, make sure to disable the form for mobile users, Google penalizes users that have pops on mobile site.)