How to Find your Dream Customer: A Free Online Workshop


Early in my business, I felt like I had to take on every client that came along. Even if they weren’t a great fit, or I wasn’t even the best person to help them, I still took the job. Cringe!

I bet you can guess how that went.

It ended up with me taking on nightmare clients and stressing out over not knowing how to do what they needed. After awhile, I learned it wasn’t worth the extra stress. Instead of taking on every project I could get, I went narrow. I started only working with creative entrepreneurs who needed a website and branding for their business.


The best part? I’m just as busy as ever.

Turns out when you start saying “thanks, but no thanks” to the customer that doesn’t fit with your brand values you open the door to saying “yes” to all the right types of clients.

Because getting specific about who you work with doesn’t mean cutting off a whole group of people. It means speaking louder to your dream clients.

I’ve been working hard behind the scenes lately creatine a free workshop all about finding your dream clients.

Raise your hand if any of these sound familiar.

🙋🏽 You have a side hustle or full time freelance gig but you struggle to find clients.

🙋🏽 When you do manage to book clients they are often not a good fit and don’t value your expertise.

🙋🏽 You want the security of having clients lined up, begging to work with you.

If any of those are ringing true than this workshop is for you!

In the online workshop I cover how to identity and define your dream customer as well as how to start attracting them so that you no longer have to scramble to find clients and you can stop stressing about working with nightmare clients.

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