How to Create a Podcast with Squarespace

How to Create a Podcast with Squarespace | Three Feathers Design |

I work from home so podcasts have become kind of like my co-workers, the hosts keep me company while I design away at my desk. With more and more podcasts coming out by the day it is fast becoming a popular way to share content with your followers. 

Recently I created a brand and website design for podcaster, Jen Kessenich. It was a really fun project and Squarespace makes it super easy to publish your podcast to iTunes so I thought I would share some steps on how to start your own podcast. 

1. It starts with an idea

The most important part is figuring out what you want your podcast to be about and creating a consistent voice around that. Ask yourself who your target listeners are, do some research and listen to other podcasts they might also be listening to. Coming up with a name and getting a logo and brand design for the podcast is a good idea too. (psst, check out my packages here)

2. The Audio

I recommend having a few episodes already published when you officially launch your podcast. You can start out with the microphone that your headphones have on them but eventually you will want to upgrade to a nicer mic for better sound quality. To record and edit you can use Garage Band (on mac) or Aduacity (on PC), add a catchy intro and at the end of each recording, ask your listeners to subscribe and review your podcast, this will help get your podcast seen in iTunes. 

3. Getting it Published

Like I said, Squarespace makes it suuuuper easy to publish your podcast to iTunes, all you need is a Squarespace website! Check out the video below on how to publish your podcast.

What are your favorite podcasts? Leave a comment below and let me know!