How to create a free resource library in Squarespace


If you have an online business you know the importance of growing your email list and today I’m sharing the most successful way that I have found to grow my email list: a resource library on my Squarespace website.

A resource library is a collection of free content that you offer to people if they subscribe to your email list. There are a few different ways to set up a resource library in Squarespace but today I am sharing the strategy that has been successful for me.

How to create a free resource library in Squarespace

Create content that your dream client values

In order to have a resource library you need content to put in it! If you don’t already have content upgrades, consider taking some of your most popular blog posts and adding them on.

For example, maybe you’re a health coach and you have a really popular blog about how to eat healthy for postpartum moms. You could make a printable shopping list for new mothers to take to the store. When creating content upgrades, think about what problem your dream client has and what kind of content upgrade will solve that problem.

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Create images of the resources

Next up you’ll need to create digital mock-ups of the resource library items so that the viewer can have a preview of what they will be getting. In my resource library, you can see that I have used mock-up images to showcase the freebies but they are also cohesive with my branding. Make the mock-ups as attractive to your dream clients as possible.

After you have your mock-up images, create a new page on your Squarespace site, and add the free resources in.

Free Resource Library

There are different ways that you can style the library, but here is a walk through of what I did:

  1. Upload and image block as a ‘card’

  2. In the design tab, add the button text as “Sign Up For Access”

  3. Leave the clickthrough URL blank.

Free Resource Library

You also need to make sure you have a way for them to sign up to access the resources. I use Convertkit* as my email marketing software, but there are plenty others to choose from!

For the written content on the page, talk about what results your dream client will get when they sign up for your resources versus listing out all of the features the content includes. (See Below)

Free Resource Library

Create a duplicate page that is password protected

After your free resources page is completed, make a duplicate and set it to password protected.

Free Resource Library

Now that you’re on the duplicate page, you can add the library resources to each image card:

  1. In the ‘Design’ settings, this time add the button text in as “Download”

  2. For the clickthrough URL select ‘Files’ and upload your library resource.

Free Resource Library

Format your emails

Inside of Convertkit* (or another email software of your choice) you can now set up your email sequence.

The first email the subscriber gets directly after signing up should include the link to the duplicate page and the password. I also recommend introducing yourself and explain a little bit about who you are, and what you do. See an example of my introduction below.

Free Resource Library

I also highly recommend sending a number of follow up emails in the days and weeks after your initial access email. Provide more high quality content and also introduce subscribers to your paid services or products. Another reason I love Convertkit* is you can automate all of this!

Share Your Library

The last step is to share your resource library! You can add it above the fold on your website, in the footer, link to in on your Instagram, run ads for it or even write a blog post about your awesome new library. At the bottom of each of my blog posts (see below), I add a link to my free resource library, giving people plenty of opportunity to sign up.

And there you have it. The strategy that has helped me grow my email list and in turn grow my online business!