How to avoid a DIY branding fail


I’ve spent years working with creative entrepreneurs on branding. In that time I’ve helped countless business owners express their vision and ideals through amazing visual branding.

But I’ve also seen a fair amount of DIY branding fails.

Not everyone can afford to go the done-for-you route, especially when you’re first getting started.


But you can do better than having your cousin do a quick logo because you know he uses Photoshop. Just because he knows how to stick an icon next to some text doesn’t make him a designer.

You can do better than cobbling together pieces you like from other people’s brands. You try to look like everyone you admire in your industry, but you just look...confused.

You can do better than picking the hottest trends you see all over Pinterest, only to have your site look outdated by the end of the year.

Good branding is timeless. And great branding takes time.

You need to take the time to truly connect with what makes your brand unique. Not what everyone else is doing right now. Not what your cousin can put together in a couple hours.

You need to think about your values, your dream customer, and what makes you different from every other business out there. When you’re trying to do this for yourself, it helps to have a process to follow.

I go through an extensive planning process with all of my 1:1 branding clients. I don’t start designing a thing until we’re clear on their branding foundations. That’s the way to get a strong brand that communicates the message your audience needs to hear.

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