How Automation Saved my Business

Automation is a game changer for business owners! It helped me get booked 3 months out. Learn how you can do the same through this podcast interview!

I was recently interviewed on the Dream Job, Dream Life podcast with Tali Love. Her travel blog is all about creating the dream job for yourself and living a life that you design. I was honored when she asked to have me on her podcast.

In a world of online businesses and social media it is easy to get caught in the comparison trap. You know, the endless scroll through instagram, fawning over travel blogs and interior design profiles eventually get insanely jealous, asking yourself, how do these people ‘have it all’?

Well my friend, they don’t! In a saturated market of highlight reels and facetuned selfies, I think it’s incredibly important we have podcasts like Dream Job, Dream Life. Tali’s podcast explores the mindsets, challenges and compelling stories of those that have managed to escape the 9 to 5 grind, and live their lives with purpose. It dives deep into the ‘oh, shit’ moments and wake up calls that most of us seasoned entrepreneurs know all too well.

In the podcast with Tali I share:

  • How I started my side hustle

  • What I love most about being my own boss

  • The time I had no clients or income for a whole month

  • How Automation help me get booked 3 months out

  • My advice for entrepreneurs just starting out

Stream the podcast below then comment and tell me the scariest moment you’ve had with your business or side-hustle. Was it having no clients, having to pay taxes, bad feedback? Tell me!