Email lists: Why growing your email list should be the #1 priority for your online business


If you’ve decided to save some money and DIY your own website, good for you! I’m all about bootstrapping in business when necessary and I’d rather seen a people not hire me and DIY their site well vs. totally screw it up, that's where I come in to help!

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By now you’ve realized that there’s a lot to be done when building your website, you might be feeling overwhelmed. With so much to do, where do you even start?

Before you start feeling like working on your site is a lost cause, let me make a suggestion.

Here’s my best recommendation:

Before diving into design, think about the purpose of the site first.

Without a driving goal, your site can feel chaotic. When you point visitors in too many directions, they get lost, confused, and click away. You want the next step to be super clear for anyone that lands on your site.

So ask yourself, what's the most important thing I want people to do when they visit my website?

Once you set an intention for your website, everything else gets a lot easier. It can all go back to that #1 goal.

For many online businesses, the top goal of a site is to capture leads and grow your email list. It’s a strategic goal that can help you build a relationship with your audience that converts into clients.

Recently, I met with a client that had a massive following on Instagram. She’s carved a niche for herself there and her tribe is fierce and loyal. But when we went over her website strategy, I was surprised to find she didn’t have a email list.

If you’re in the same boat, here’s 3 reasons why you need an email list ASAP:

1) You own your list

An email list is a way for people to voluntarily give you their email addresses, giving you direct access to their inbox. In my client's case, she has over 60K followers but there is no way of controlling it. What happens if Instagram suddenly disappears after the next hip app comes along? Boom, 60K followers gone! Keep in touch with your most engaged followers via email so you’re not at the mercy of an app or algorithm.

2) Your email list has a higher conversion rate

Studies show that the average click through rates on emails list are 3.57% vs. Facebook at a pitiful .07%. In my client’s case, on her next event or promotion she is only going to get .07% of her social media following actually taking action and clicking the link in her post. If she had an email list, she would have direct access to her follower’s inbox and more people clicking through to learn about what she is selling and ultimately buying from her.

3) Your list is invested in you and what you have to say

With an email list you have direct access to people on your list. They have opted in to hear directly from you. Your list is a platform to share your story, promote your latest blog post and sell your products and offerings.

Those are just a few reasons why growing your email list is so important.

But even if email isn’t the way you want to go, you should still set a strategic goal for your site before making sweeping changes.

I’d love to know where you’re at with this. Do you already have a goal for your website? Are you stuck on where to go from here?