Design is a Process.

Design is a Process | Three Feathers Design |

Building your business doesn't happen overnight, any smart business owner knows it takes time and plenty of development to build a strong business. The same goes with building your visual brand. It doesn't happen overnight.

Taking time to give input and see beyond the initial concept is important when branding your company.  Below is an example of a logo we developed for Pathfinders Memorial Planning and Media. You can see it took quite a few renditions to develop the final product. The client was able to give her input and choose what she wanted to develop from each draft. Resulting in a final logo she is happy with and her client see as credible. 

When working with your graphic designer you need to be able to see the vision beyond the first or even second draft. Your graphic designer should have you deceide what you like and do not like from each draft and from that you can move forward with development. Below is are the steps we take in our design process.

CONSULT: One on one design consultation where we listen to your vision about your business. We ask questions and challenge you to define your target market as well as find out your business goals.
RESEARCH: We conduct research on your industry to ensure the best visual solution for your brand.
DRAFT: Ideas are sketched out and we explore multiple versions.
DEVELOP: Once a direction is chosen we develop it further.
REFINE: We then revise the developed idea to make it just right.
LAUNCH: It's go time! We will ready your files for print or web and direct you to a printer.

Slow down, sleep on it and take time to see beyond what is in front of you. Business takes time, design takes time.

If you would like to talk more about our design process please contact us.

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