4 Tools I Use To Run My Creative Business


Running an online creative business takes a ton of behind the scenes work! Luckily, I have tools that help me streamline my process and make my job a whole lot easier. I am often asked what tools I use to run my business, so I thought I would give you a look in to my creative toolbox! *

I use DropBox to store all of my files as well as share final files with clients. It is great because I can keep everything in the “cloud” and it will sync files between all of my devices. (Check it out here)

17 Hats
This is the tool that saves the most time. Like the names suggests, when you’re a solopreneur, you wear lots of hats! 17 Hats is designed specially for creatives and helps you streamline your client intake, reply to price inquiries, sign contracts, send invoices, project management and so on! (Check if out here)

There is no getting around this one, if you have a business you must keep track of your money! There are plenty of accounting software solutions out there, I like Quickbooks because it is easy to use, links with my bank account, allows me to invoice clients and I can run my monthly income reports to see where I am at financially. (Check it out here)

This is what I use to send emails to my contact list. I like ConvertKit because you can easily create tags to segment your contacts, the templates focus more on content vs flashy design and it is super easy to use, it even gives you written templates to use on some of your email campaigns. (Check it out here


The Smartest Way to Schedule on Pinterest & Instagram! Save time by bulk image uploading, drag-and-drop calendar, multi-board pinning, Pin looping, hashtag lists and many more shortcuts built with your busy schedule in mind.


I use moo.com for all of my printed collateral materials for mu business and my clients.

How about you, what are some favorite tools that you use to run your business? 

*(This post contains affiliate links, but of course I would never recommend something I don’t believe in and use myself!)