Finding My Creative Inspiration


I'll admit, I've been feeling kind of 'blah'. I don't know if it's this endless summer, 100 degree weather or I am still coming down off my vacation high. Either way I have been a little lost for inspiration. As a creative entrepreneur it can be taxing on your creativity to be constantly creating new and innovative work. Which is why in times like theses, I have to remind myself of the ways I like to find my creative inspiration. 

Get outside

Nature's Color Palette

My biggest source of inspiration definitely comes from nature. I’m a big fan of getting outside whenever I can to clear my head, find naturally occurring color palettes and see what mother nature, the best designer of all can do. 


After I do a sit down with a client and we talk about what makes their brand special, the style they like and vibe they want to portray, I love to research other brands and lifestyle images as well as what their ideal clients likes. It also helps me get on the same page about what my client is thinking and it inspires me to collaborate with them. 

Sticking to my creative process

Above all the most important thing for me to do is to stay true to my creative process. Recently I sat down and wrote out all the steps I usually take when creating a brand or website for a client. Once I finish a consultation with client, I know it is time to move onto the mood board, after that, the drafts and so on. By taking the guess work out my process, it leaves room for my creative ideas to be uninterrupted by thinking about what comes next.

How do I find time to create for myself and not just client work you might ask? 
Well, this is kind of work in progress. Since starting my creative business I feel like my client work has taken the place of my own personal creative expression. Right now I don’t mind at all, I still fill fueled by working on my client’s brands and websites but I think for the longevity of my brand I will need to infuse more of my own creative juices to keep things fresh and new. 

What about you? What are some of the ways you find your creative inspiration? Do you have a creative business and still find the time to be create for your personal enjoyment?

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