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The Tiny Tracker is a notebook for new parents that helps you keep track of feedings, sleep and all those little milestones that you’re sure to forget in the newborn sleep deprived phase. (I wish I had this when my kids were little!) It was a pleasure to work with Lauren on her branding for The Tiny tracker. She has some great insight in to how investing in her brand helped her business grow. Read it all below!

Tell me a little about your business

We educate, empower and equip mamas along the journey of motherhood and strive to transform parenthood from a culture of merely surviving to abundantly thrive. 

What started as a daily way to keep track of my littles’ feeding and diapers has evolved into growing startup helping mamas overcome the overwhelm and SLEEP during the first few weeks at home with a newborn. The TinyTracker is a fully customized planner + tracker + memory + resource book with daily development activities (small things to do with your little one to boost brain development, focus and gross motor skills)

My twins started sleeping through the night at 12 weeks old - all because I started tracking the “events” of the day. In the TinyTracker, I share all my secrets of how I got my twin boys to sleep 12 hours a night and give mamas the tools and encouragement to do the same.

Why did you decide to invest in branding?

I had been struggling to create a logo and brand identity for so long, that it was interfering in my ability to move forward with my business. No matter how many hours I labored with a pencil in my hand, I could not design a logo myself that accurately reflected my brand and, one that I was proud to share. I was looking for help and direction, a fresh perspective and help in making a decision!

Hayley went above and beyond my expectations. She dove deep down into my business to understand the heart, mission and passion behind our brand. She sought to fully and completely capture the feel, the culture, the vibe of our brand- going beyond the traditional graphic design process consisting of mere colors and clean lines. The result is the perfect "signature" for our brand, our story and our mission.

What were you struggling with most in your business before investing in brand?

Moving forward and asking for help. I was not satisfied with my (hundreds of) home-made creations and drawings and continued time and time again to do everything myself. As a result, I could not make a move in any direction to get my company started. I was focusing so much on the logo, I could not focus on the actual "work" I needed to do to get it going.

I finally decided to invest in a logo design and branding with TFD, and it was THE single best investment to date. Had I not sought help from Three Feathers Design, I know my (now thriving) business wound not have even gotten off the ground. Hayley helped us create  "the" logo that truly encapsulates the TinyTracker "to a T" (pun totally intended!) and make us proud to share our brand and mission with the world. 

How did investing in branding/website help your business?

First, I didn't give up on my idea! I am a "serial starter" and when I would lose steam with a project, I would soon find another idea to get me going again. It literally catapulted my business from a mere idea to a product so needed in the baby industry. 

I feel confident in my brand and as an entrepreneur, because it tells my story and represents continual growth and progress towards the future.  Every time I hand out my business card,  or pop a TinyTracker package in the mail, I smile. I am so gosh darn proud of the logo and brand that Three Feathers Design and I have created together. 

My sales and exposure have most definitely increased.

What do you love most about working for yourself?

I love the flexibility, but I truly love that I am continually working on a product that I use (and need) daily. It's a win win situation!

What are your next business goals?

Expand the TinyTracker line to include resources and trackers for those on the journey of infertility, pregnancy and life with toddlers.

Grow our social media presence {Follow us on instagram at @thetinytracker}

Begin a brand ambassador program to spread the word in multiple communities and "tribes"

Any advice for people just starting out or wanting to create their own business?

Create something you need yourself. 

Build a brand, not a business.

When you view the world as a place as an abundant source of opportunities, ESPECIALLY in failure, doubt and fear... you tap into an infinite supply of energy,  your path is bathed in love and light, and the future you dream of becomes closer than you think.

Where can people find you?

We'd love to meet you! You can "track" us at

Our website officially launches in late July, but our shop is open now!

Instagram: @thetinytracker


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