Client Feature - Blue Sands Inn

Located just steps from Santa Barbara’s famous East Beach, Blue Sands Inn is a boutique hotel that features locally sourced furniture and goods from local artisans. Working with them was a treat! Check out the latest client feature to to hear a little more about their business. 

Blue Sands Inn

Blue Sands Inn

Tell me a little about your business

Blue Sands Inn is a small, boutique hotel by the ocean focused on local art and the sustainable practices.

Why did you decide to invest in branding and website design?

Promoting the uniqueness of our hotel is essential to helping us stand out from the other larger chains and more traditional models in the hospitality industry.

What were you struggling with most in your business before investing in brand/website design?

How to put ourselves out there and what kind of image we wanted to create.

How did investing in branding/website help your business?

Having a great website and an amazing logo has allowed us to create a brand. We reproduce the logo on water bottles and reusable bags to both promote the idea of reuse and to tie our image to those more sustainable practices. Having a great website also gives us a platform on which we can promote the local artists, musicians, and local makers who participate in events at the hotel.

Any advice for people just starting out or wanting to create their own business?

I think when you are starting out in a business the important thing is to ask yourself what kind of a feeling do you want your business or product to have. What kind of associations do you want people to make with your brand? Getting that feeling can help inform logo design, product design and if you are starting a physical business can help you create a space that will evoke that feeling in people. Obviously the product needs to be good, but association is a powerful tool and can be a great asset when thinking about creating a new business.

Where can people find you?

We can be found at or try us on Facebook or Instagram at Blue Sands Inn