Client Feature - Beth Pratt

Beth came to me for branding and website design for her private practice. She wanted a simple and inspired look that reflected her open and accessible nature combined with her professionalism and expertise. Additionally, she wanted branding that captured her approach to psychotherapy. That is, relational, dynamic, and growth-oriented. The result was clean and crisp branding and a website that is easy to navigate and straight to the point.

Beth Pratt, MA, LMFT Santa Barbara

Tell me a little about your business

I am a psychotherapist in private practice in Santa Barbara, CA.

Why did you decide to invest in branding and website design

I initially had great intentions to build my own website and making simple business cards, but I quickly realized the outcome would neither reflect what I was trying to convey professionally nor be an outcome with which I could be truly happy.

What were you struggling with most in your business before investing in brand/website design?

I knew in general terms what I wanted, but since I'm not adept at design or website building, I didn't know how to capture and convey my professional identity or create a feeling or experience for people potentially interested in learning more about me or my work.

How did investing in branding/website help your business?

Hayley "got" it. She was super collaborative and continually listened to what I wanted and needed. She was able to take some of my ideas and preferences and run with them, ultimately creating both branding and a website with which I am super happy, and both which absolutely reflect my professional identity.

Any advice for people just starting out or wanting to create their own business?

I think the investment upfront in branding and website design with Hayley is totally worth it. She is super talented. Her work speaks for itself as well as for those for whom Hayley creates.

Where can people find you?


modern feminine branding and squarespace website design