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Branding when you’re on a budget

One of the biggest objections I hear from potential clients is that branding is too expensive.

It’s definitely an investment and when you’re in business for yourself, you have to be careful with how you use your money.

It’s smart to consider it. For some people, investing in professional branding isn’t the right move. If you’re brand new in business, it doesn’t make sense to invest when your ideal client and brand values might completely change in 3 months.

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How to Get Dream Clients That Pay

When I first starting freelancing, finding work was one of my biggest struggles. If I did manage to book a client they weren't always that dreamy. More often than not, they would be looking for someone to boss around rather than gain valuable expertise from. OR they were the type of client that wanted me on call 24 hours a day, texting me a random design edit as it popped into their head.

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How to Schedule Your Week

Hands down the most frequently asked question I get asked about running my business is “How do you find clients?” What works for me and my business might not work for everyone but I wanted to share some of the ways I found business when I was just starting out and some of the strategies that are still effective for me today.

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5 Reasons Why I Love Squarespace

A couple of years ago, I made the decision to focus my skills only on Squarespace for my web design clients. I hesitated for a while to do this, I feared that I would turn business down but soon realized, honing in on my Squarespace expertise only makes me more skilled and desirable as a web designer. I believe Squarespace is the best platform for my clients and other creative entrepreneurs for a few reasons!

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Starting Your Own Business

Real talk, I was scared to start my own business. My dad is an entrepreneur and I knew the benefits of working for yourself.  I have very vivid memories of him on the phone, making a sale and coming out to high five us all to celebrate. He was also able to create is own schedule, be his own boss and not have to answer to ‘the man’. That didn’t make taking the plunge and actually starting my own business and less scary!

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How to define your dream customer

Your dream customer is that one customer that you just “click” with. They are the kind of customer that values your expertise and creative opinion while also providing feedback that helps your working relationship move forward. They have the budget to afford your product and they understand that the investment they are making will help them solve the problem they came to you with in the first place.

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