Business Plan For Creatives

Business Plan For Creatives | Three Feathers Design |

Maybe you are one of those people that can fly by the seat of your pants. You get a crazy, awesome, amazing new business idea and within a few days you are up a running. I WISH that was me but I am a little more cautious, I like to have a plan. Or maybe you’re somewhere in the middle?

Before launching my business, I attended a business plan workshop and got my shit together. It was 12 weeks long and by the end of it I had a 30 page business plan and was ready to launch. I totally see the value in writing out a 30+ page business plan but I don't always think it is completely necessary. For creatives like us, when we get an idea we need to roll with it and see where it takes us instead of getting caught up in analyzing our target market. 

That's why I have created a super simple business plan outline for creatives that cover basic things like: 

1)    Your service or product
2)    Dream clients
3)    Your process
4)    Brand Identity
5)    Launch Day
6)    After launch day

Download your copy below and get on your way to getting organized, getting consistent and getting yourself online! 

Good luck  :)