Branding when you’re on a budget


One of the biggest objections I hear from potential clients is that branding is too expensive.

It’s definitely an investment and when you’re in business for yourself, you have to be careful with how you use your money.

It’s smart to consider it. For some people, investing in professional branding isn’t the right move. If you’re brand new in business, it doesn’t make sense to invest when your ideal client and brand values might completely change in 3 months.


The last thing I want is for you to have buyer’s remorse because of the investment. You need to be in a place in your business where you’ll see a return on the time and money you invest in branding.

If you’re in the right position to benefit, the upsides of branding can be huge.

You’ll attract more ideal clients who are ready to say yes and pay your rates.

You can raise your rates to match the professional polished image that now reflects your skills and expertise.

You’ll gain authority in your industry and a new sense of legitimacy for your business.

If you’re just getting started, 1:1 branding may be out of reach. My 1:1 web and brand projects start at $4,300. Until recently, that was the only way you could work with me.

But I know there are so many of you out there who value good design and want something great for your new or growing business. That’s why I created a DIY option at an affordable price point.

For just $127, you can get the same process I take my 1:1 clients through. I’ll guide you through the whole branding process step-by-step.

Get it all in The Practical Brand: A DIY Branding e-course for Creative Entrepreneurs and you’ll leave with your branding foundations in place, ready to grow your business.

Whether you want to continue to DIY or work with a designer, you’ll have built a strong brand that clearly communicates your values.