7 Tips for Finding Customers for Your Business


Hands down the most frequently asked question I get asked about running my business is “How do you find clients?” What works for me and my business might not work for everyone but I wanted to share some of the ways I found business when I was just starting out and some of the strategies that are still effective for me today.


When I first started my business I had a lot of local clients, and a few of them gave me some great reviews on Yelp! This was really beneficial for my Search Engine Optimization (SEO) so when people started searching for “Graphic Design Santa Barbara” My Yelp page would pop up first and people could see the reviews and go to my website to see more. Even if you’re an online business you can still create a Yelp page based on where you’re located and start collecting reviews.

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Creating a consistent instagram schedule and connecting with followers on there has been a great way for me to reach potential clients. By showing only my highest quality, curated work I can balance my personal life with my portfolio. This allows potential clients to get to know me, my design style and it helps me establish my credibility as a leader in my industry. It doesn’t have to be Instagram, for you it might be Facebook, Twitter or Snapchat. Whatever platform you decide to go with, use it consistently.


I’d say about half of my clients come from referrals through past clients or friends. I know this because on my intake form on my website, I ask “How did you hear about Three Feathers Design?”. If you do a good job then people are always happy to spread the word. To encourage referrals, stay in touch with past clients by sending them articles they may be interested in, holidays cards and always say ‘thank you’ when people send referrals your way.

Cold Emails

You don’t get what you don’t ask for! There is nothing wrong with putting together a few emails telling a person or company why you would be a good fit to work with them and what you can do for them. Keep it simple, to the point and make sure to provide ways to get in touch or schedule a time to talk more with you. Maybe you will hear back, maybe you won’t but I have landed some of my biggest clients this way!


Email List

One of my biggest ‘regrets’ in building my business was not focusing on growing my email list sooner. Last year I started taking my email list growth seriously and set up a sales funnel for my email list. Once someone signs up for my list, they get a series (eight over two weeks) of emails that introduces me, gives them some helpful tips about growing their business and let’s them know about my services. My email list and sales funnel have been a great resources for getting new clients.

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Pinterest is a great tool for generating traffic to your website. Since utilizing Pinterest to drive traffic to my website my page views have increased by 141% and Pinterest is now my second highest referral source. This increase in traffic matters because once people are on my site they have an opportunity to sign up for my email list.

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I started my blog, Design for Business when I launched my side-hustle back in 2014. I  have used it as a way to establish credibility in my industry and a way for me to share my latest work, interviews with clients and overall a more behind the scenes look into my business. Blogging has been a great tool for me to use for getting new clients. People often find me through my blog and if they don’t contact me to work with them straight away they sign up for my email list and reach out later.

There you have it! The 7 most successful ways that I find clients, hopefully you can start using some of these tips to start finding more customers for your business!