Facebook Image Size Cheat Sheet

Having social media accounts for your business is important. They allow you to reach your customers and potential leads for free and share content about your business. Facebook is a social media outlet that you can use to your business' benefit.

If your business has a blog, often updates its status, posts pictures or shares any kind of content there are a few image size specifications that will help your message get across as clear as possible.  If you are editing these images yourself you can use Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator or Lightroom. 


Profile Picture
Your profile picture is a good place to have your company logo or icon that is easily recognizable and identifiable. You can upload any size picture but it will be cropped down to 160 x 160 pixels. It is best to create a image that is already those dimensions so you don't run the risk of any unwanted cropping. Your graphic designer should provide you with a logo optimized for facebook and other social media profile pictures. 

Cover Photo
The cover photo is another good place to display your company logo or an image of your products or services. When creating this image keep in mind the profile picture will cover the bottom left corner sightly. The size for the cover photo is 315 x 815 pixels, you can upload any sized image but just like the profile picture it will be cropped. 


Shared Link Image
If you're sharing someone else's link you can not control the size of the shared link image but you can control your own. Having a follower share your content is great because it drives up your reach to potential new clients and if it is a blog post or something linked to your website it will help with your Search Engine Optimization. A shared link image should be 196 x 377 pixels. If you're creating your own shared link image it should contain imagery that pertains to the content you are sharing as well as something to catch readers' eyes. 

These are just a few little tips to help streamline your business and keep it looking professional. If you would like to discuss this post further please feel free to contact me.