3 Questions to Ask Yourself When Your Feeling Scattered In Your Business

3 Questions to Ask Yourself When Your Feeling Scattered In Your Business | Three Feathers Design | threefeathersdesign.com

Are you feeling scattered? Do you have so many ideas and want to offer them all but you’re unsure how can to incorporate it all into one business?
I’ve seen it all too often. Creative entrepreneurs come to me in need of help building their brands and websites so they can reach their dream clients but the most common place they get stuck is trying to narrow in on what they offer.
For example, a Yoga Therapist that also loves to create handmade cards or an Illustrator that also wants to start an event planning business. She says to me, “I want to build an online presence for my yoga practice and also offer my handmade cards on the side”. Okay, sure she could do that but what message does it send her clients?
Think about it. If you want to a book a session with a private yoga teacher that you’ve heard is the best in the town and you come to the website only to discover she *also* makes handmade cards. The cards are cute and all but you’re confused. How does this help you with your yoga needs? You wonder if maybe she isn’t really the best in town and she can’t help you get your stretch on. The message the yoga therapist is sending through her brand is not clear. Is she yoga teacher or does she make cards?
So what to do? In this case I would tell the yoga teacher, if you want to make the cards and sell them, great! But it needs to help your dream client in some way otherwise you will seem scattered and not credible as the expert you really are. What if you sell handmade cards with inspirational yoga quotes on them? Or illustrations of poses and meaningful imagery that applies to the brand. They could be offered with other add-on items, like yoga mats, socks, workout clothes etc.
How does this apply to you?
When my clients are feeling scattered and having a hard time narrowing in, I have them answer these questions. 

  1. Who is your ideal client?

  2. How does your service/product help them solve the problem they have?

  3. How will the new product or service you want to add help them solve this problem?

If your new product helps solve their problem, great, add it onto your service or product list. If it doesn’t, I recommend you find other ways to release that creativity. Maybe it’s a blog or YouTube channel, maybe you end up starting an entirely new business! The options are endless.
Go ahead, leave a comment let me know what your creative ideas are and how you tie them all together into one business or if you need help brain storming on how you can, let me know!