Why You Need An Email List

Why You Need An Email List | Three Feathers Design | threefeathersdesign.com

Recently I was meeting with a client that has a massive following on Instagram. She’s carved a niche for herself and her tribe is fierce and loyal. When we went over her website strategy I was surprised to find she didn’t have a email list. I shared these three reasons why she needed a list ASAP with her.

1) You own your list.

An email list is a way for people to voluntarily give you their email addresses, giving you direct access to their inbox. In my client's case, she has over 60K followers but there is no way of controlling it. What happens if Instagram suddenly disappears after the next hip app comes along? Boom, 60k followers gone!

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2) Your email list has a higher conversion rate

Studies show that the average click through rates on emails list are 3.57% vs. Facebook at a pitiful .07%. In my clients case, on her next event she is only going to get .07% of her social media following to actually take action and click the link in her post to find out more. If she had an email list, she would have direct access to her followers inbox and more people clicking through to learn more about what she is selling and ultimately buying.

3) Your list is invested in you and what you have to say.

With an email list you have direct access to people on your list. They have opt-ed it to hear directly from you. Your list is a platform to share your story, give direct access to your latest blog post as well as sell your products and offerings.