5 Ways To Clean Up Your Website


For online businesses your website is the most important marketing tool you have. It is the first place people will go to find more information about your product or service and it HAS to reflect your brand. Today I'm sharing 5 simple ways you can clean up your website, dig in below!


It’s safe to say handwritten and decorative type is having a moment. They are fun to use throughout your brand but I recommend using them sparingly. Avoid using decorative and handwritten fonts as headlines or in body copy. See the example of the Tara website here, you can see we used a handwritten font for the logo but a clean modern font for the website. 

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Limiting your colors to 4 (5 max), this will help your brand stay consistent and look credible. Be sure to choose your colors with intention.

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Does your website speak to your dream client? Will they come to your home page and see that you state “Hello, I’m [your brand] and I do [product or service] for [dream client]". You have about 3 seconds to capture your viewers attention, make sure you have the main goal of your website be the first thing they see.

Services/About Pages

It is important that you have a list if services or products for people to choose from. They are coming to your website for more information, make sure you give it to them! Make your services clear and to the point. Include a way for people to get in touch if needed, or better yet, a "add to cart" button.

The about page on your site is often the first place people go to get more information about a brand, use that opportunity to infuse your personality and brand story into it. Customers are more likely to buy from people they can relate to.


Are your images high quality and relevant to your brand? Better yet, use your own brand photos to tailor your website to your dream customer.

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