3 reasons to DIY your branding


As a brand and web designer I believe in the value of hiring a professional designer and that investing in your business when it comes to branding is super important. But let's be honest, this isn't always an option for some of us and it might not always be necessary. Here are three reasons when I think it's OK to DIY your branding. 

You are testing your market

If you have just started or are yet to open your doors for business I often recommend that you don’t invest a large amount in branding just yet. It is important to understand your target market and know if there is really a need for your service/product before investing.

You can’t afford it

You get what you pay for when it coming to brand and logo design which is why it is often a large investment for businesses to make when designing their brands. If investing in branding will put your business at risk of going under from debt, I don’t recommend investing just yet. Wait until you can afford it.

You have a brand strategy in place

If you have a solid brand strategy  (understand who your dream customer is, what they need,  what makes your brand unique, your brand core values and position statement) then all you need next is a logo. Premade logo kits, Canva or DIY-ing your logo is an option if you already have a brand strategy in place.

Looking to DIY your brand? Check out The Practical Brand: A DIY e-Course for creative entrepreneurs. It’s designed with bite sized lessons to help you create a solid branding foundation for your creative business.