2017 Round Up

I can't believe it, 2018 is just around the corner! This year has had ups and down but overall it had been a great year for me. I really focused on working with my dream clients (creative business owners) and was able to work on my creative process and how I run my business. I didn’t meet all of my goals but overall I am happy with how this year has turned out. Here’s a wrap up of my 2017.

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Income Goals

I started the year off with a goal to make a gross* profit of $80,000. It may seem like pennies (or way too much) to some of you but for me it felt like an attainable goal that I wanted to reach for. Well, I didn’t quite make it. I came in about $24,000 short, making roughly $56,000. I am ok with that though, my business has seen growth every year since starting so I won’t be too hard on myself. There are a few places where I can improve next year to reach that goal.

*gross profit is the amount of money a business makes before any expenses are taken out. My expenses typically run about $13,000 a year.


For the majority of the year I was only working half days and my kids were home with me the other half. This year they will be at school until 3pm each day leaving me with about 35 hours a week to put towards working. Increased billed hours = more revenue!

Add Value, Increase Prices

In 2017 I really focused working with only brand and website clients. This gave me the opportunity to hone in on my process and add even more value to the packages that I offer. So that I can spend more time with each client, I have decided to take on only about 2 clients per month (vs about 4/month this year) and increase the investment for my 1:1 services.

Digital Products

By creating a e-course or website templates that people can download, I can generate passive income for myself therefore increasing my revenue. In 2018 I plan to launch my Branding e-Course and start developing premade website templates for people who also want to DIY their websites.


The majority of my work this year was branding and website clients as well as some custom illustration work (my favorite!) Seeing other creative launch their businesses and start working for themselves gives me major feels. Here are a few samples of my 2017 projects.

illustrated logo design

Goals For Next Year

Launch ecourse (coming in January!)

I am launching my e-course this January, this has been a goal for a while and I am finally doing it, yipee!

Book a few months in advance

Currently I am only booked up about a month in advance and that can be a little nerve wracking at times, not knowing where the next few months of income is coming from. In 2018 plan to spend more time on marketing so that I can book jobs out further in advance.

Spend one day a week working on my business

Far too often working on my own brand and marketing has fallen to the wayside. This year I am going to set aside Fridays to work solely on blog posts, email newsletters and schedule social media content for the week ahead.