Brand Audit - Must Ask Questions When Building Your Brand


Does this sound familiar?

You've spent countless hours thinking about and building your brand but you're struggling to attract the right type of clients. 


You've come this far in you're business but you're still unsure of what your brand's voice is.

Don't worry I felt the same about a year ago before I sat down and asked questions I should have asked when I first started my business. I was so eager to "open my doors" for business and get that first juicy paycheck that I forgot WHY I do WHAT I do. People would ask me what kind of graphic design I did and I would say, "Anything, all businesses need designers to create promo materials, brochures, business cards. You name it, I can do it!!".

Sure that is the truth but I quickly found myself taking on any job that came my way, working with clients that didn't value my creative expertise, just wanted to look over my shoulder and tell me exactly what they needed designed.

My business began to feel scattered, confused and worst of all like "work". 

That is when I decided to really narrow in on the type of clients I wanted to be working with. I challenged myself to complete a brand audit and envision what my dream client looked like, what they do, say, wear. What keeps them up and night worrying? Do they have kids, what makes them get out of bed in the morning? And just like that Voila, my business vision became crystal clear. 

Chances are if you're reading this you are a female creative entrepreneur in her 30s-40s looking to build and grow your business. YOU are my dream client. 

By conducting a Brand Audit I was able to ask myself if my brand spoke to you the way I wanted it to, finally feel a sense of clarity in my brand and start running the business I have always dreamed of.

By Conducting a Brand Audit I began to identify my:

  1. Brand position

  2. My dream clients

  3. Who my competitors are

  4. What my visual assets are (logos, fonts etc.)

I  could then apply those answers to strengthening my brand, attracting those dream clients, making sales and living the life I always wanted! 

Because I found this Brand Audit so clarifying and helpful within my own business I would like to share it with you! To download your very own printable, comprehensive Brand Audit, filled with ten pages of crucial questions every creative entrepreneur should be asking about their business check out the Brand Audit in my resource shop!

Brand Audit
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