What Does the Color of Your Logo Say About Your Company?

What Does the Color of Your Logo Say About Your Company? | Three Feathers Design | threefeathersdesign.com

Color is a form of non-verbal communication. Different colors symbolize different things. Sometimes this is conscious, for example red means stop, green means go. Other times it can be less obvious. 

When it comes time to choose a color for your logo it is important to choose a color that will speak to your brand. Your company brand needs to be credible and using a color that compliments your companies credible traits will boost your trustworthiness and improve your overall brand. 

  • Red: Symbolizes love, strength, sex, vibrancy, passion, and energy, vitality, power and exciting. It is a good accent color.

  • Blue: Symbolizes electronics, cooling, calming, protecting, security, authority, boldness and seriousness.

  • Brown: Symbolizes the earth, nature, home, wood, leather, richness, politeness, helpfulness and effectiveness.

  • Black: Symbolizes authority, power, and boldness, classic and corporate.

  • Silver: Symbolizes authority, practicality, earnestness and creativity. Traditional business or corporate color.

  • White: Symbolizes refined, purity, devotion, contemporary, and sterile (medical field).

  • Yellow: Symbolizes warmth, sunshine, cheer, and happiness.

  • Purple: Symbolizes royalty, high class, luxury, wealth, and sophistication.

  • Green: Symbolizes health, fertility, freedom, freshness, healing, calm, and quiet and tranquility.

  • Pink: Symbolizes happiness, femininity, youth, sweet and playful

  • Orange: Symbolizes warmth, sunshine, happiness and cheer

Want a little more in depth information?

Download our Brand Color Guide to get started picking the right color for your brand and attract all those dream clients. 

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