How to Use Reviews to Boost Your SEO

We are trying to get the popcorn ceiling in our home removed and I have been going down the rabbit hole of trying to decide if we DIY it or hire somebody. In my search for a painter to give us a quote, I have been relying heavily on online reviews. I found that companies with ratings and reviews ranked higher in my search and I was also more likely to contact the company based on the amount of reviews they had.

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How to create a free resource library in Squarespace

If you have an online business you know the importance of growing your email list and today I’m sharing the most successful way that I have found to grow my email list: a resource library on my Squarespace website.

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Take your brand from DIY to OMG

Over the last few weeks you’ve gotten a crash course in branding. We’ve covered what it is, why you need it, and what it can do for your business.

You’ve also learned the do’s and don’ts of DIY-ing your brand and you’re ready to get started.

But maybe you’re still a little fuzzy on how to put all the pieces of your brand together. You know the what, but you’re still trying to figure out the how.

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How to avoid a DIY branding fail

I’ve spent years working with creative entrepreneurs on branding. In that time I’ve helped countless business owners express their vision and ideals through amazing visual branding.

But I’ve also seen a fair amount of DIY branding fails.

Not everyone can afford to go the done-for-you route, especially when you’re first getting started.

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What to include on the home page of your website

Here’s a crazy stat for you:

According to a recent study, humans have a shorter attention span than goldfish.

Goldfish can focus for 9 seconds, but most humans only have an 8 second attention span.

There’s too many things demanding our attention these days. Everyone is multitasking, which makes focusing a huge challenge.

So how do you get anyone to stay on your site when you only have a VERY short window of time to capture someone’s attention before they wander back to Facebook or hop into their inbox?

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Branding when you’re on a budget

One of the biggest objections I hear from potential clients is that branding is too expensive.

It’s definitely an investment and when you’re in business for yourself, you have to be careful with how you use your money.

It’s smart to consider it. For some people, investing in professional branding isn’t the right move. If you’re brand new in business, it doesn’t make sense to invest when your ideal client and brand values might completely change in 3 months.

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How to Get Dream Clients That Pay

When I first starting freelancing, finding work was one of my biggest struggles. If I did manage to book a client they weren't always that dreamy. More often than not, they would be looking for someone to boss around rather than gain valuable expertise from. OR they were the type of client that wanted me on call 24 hours a day, texting me a random design edit as it popped into their head.

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How to Schedule Your Week

Hands down the most frequently asked question I get asked about running my business is “How do you find clients?” What works for me and my business might not work for everyone but I wanted to share some of the ways I found business when I was just starting out and some of the strategies that are still effective for me today.

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