Bo Stanley

Brand Strategy + Logo Design + Web Strategy + Website Design + Brand Collateral

I have been following Bo online for a while. I really admire her body positive message as well as her drive and passion as an athlete. When she agreed to work with me I couldn’t wait to get started! We focused on creating a personal brand that was bold and feminine, one that could be a platform for her to spread her message of self love and a healthy body image. See the full Squarespace site here:

Body activist website and logo
I originally worked with Hayley to create a brand and website for my body activism and modeling portfolio. As my brand grew, and I started exploring the idea of hosting a body positive surf retreat, I knew I wanted Hayley on board.

She helped me brain storm and strategize who my ideal attendee was and how to reach them online. She also created a sales page that was so effective we sold out of the retreat in record time! Attendees were able to sign up seamlessly straight from my website and as Hayley suggested, we created a welcome PDF with retreat information that all the attendees absolutely loved. Working with Hayley was a priceless investment for my brand and I plan on working with her again for all of my future projects!
— Bo Stanley