Ready To Get Consistent,
Get Organized and Get Online?


Hello Fellow Creative!

I’m Hayley Fedders, and I am a brand stylist. I help creative entrepreneurs who want to build a consistent brand get organized, get consistent and get online.

My own journey started scattered and saying “yes” to any job that came along. I found myself taking on clients that weren’t a good fit or just wanted me to do as they said.

This led me to a place of frustration and feeling like an order taker rather than a creative expert. But then I realized I no longer wanted to be just a “designer for hire” so I refined my brand, narrowed in on my dream client and started working only with creative entrepreneurs who want to get organized, get consistent and get online.  Because I believe consistency is the key to a strong brand, getting seen by clients building and dream your business. 


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Brand Design

I create brands for truly passionate creative entrepreneurs who want to get organized, get consisted and get online.

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Website Design

I believe in making user friendly websites that not only get your name out to your dream customers but set you apart from your competitors. 

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Happy beyond measure at the way my website turned out. My brand is essentially me and Hayley created the perfect space to express that. Loved working with Three Feathers Design, it was a pleasure!
— Jen Kessenich, You Be You & I'll Be Me

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