Brand Management

An effective marketing strategy includes reaching out to prospects and customers on a regular basis. This requires more than your standard marketing materials.

Maybe you need a quick website update to promote a new deal, or your monthly newsletter has to be formatted, or it’s time for another blog post, or the deadline for a print ad for a local magazine is coming up.

With our membership program, you have easy access to us for these small or ongoing projects.

Here’s how it works:

•    You pay a small fixed fee per month.
•    You get a set number of design work at a very reduced rate. 
•    You call up the hours as you need them.
•    Additional hours are available at our normal hourly rate. ($75/hr)

Get your ongoing projects handled just at the right time. It’s that easy! At the same time you know where you stand with your budget. (**Memberships are six month engagement**)

Busy Start Up Membership - $210 per month

Get up to 3 hours of design time each month, over 5% of savings on our normal hourly rate. This membership level is perfect for the busy start up that has a small budget but big dreams. Three hours a month will get you all those pesky website edits, newsletters formatted and print ads created, saving you time and more importantly money. 

Up And Running - $675 Per Month

Get up to 10 hours of design time each month, a savings of  10% on our normal hourly rate. The Up and Running membership level was created for businesses that are established had have ongoing monthly design needs. It is perfect for website updates, newsletter campaigns, print ad and frequent updates to marketing campaigns.

Boss Life - $1980 Per Month 

The Boss Life membership level is for business owners that understand the importance of having a constant flow of marketing and design materials that are on brand and bringing clients in. Get up to 30 hours of design time each month, a savings of 12% on our normal hourly rate.

To help you we’re offering a limited number of spots in our membership program. Find out how our program can help you keep in touch with your audience at exactly the right time, apply below.  We’ll get back to you promptly.

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